LOVE Sign Rental

Show your LOVE with our big wooden light up sign!

These all white LOVE Marquee letters are sure to be a big hit at your next event. LOVE letters are 38" in height and approximatley 18"wide each letter comes with an extension cord and the set comes with a power strip to plug the letters into. A source of power must be provided by the renter. Extra bulbs will be available in the event one goes out, but must be returned.

Rental is based off of availibity for the event of your choice! Select the date you would like and enter the location (venue and address) and time and we will make arrangements. Must sign rental contract for rental to be complete (will be sent via email to confirm booking). Please see rental information for details. 

LOVE Sign Rental

  • Rental Information

    Renter must specify delivery and pick up requirements two weeks prior to event date. This includes if the rental items are allowed to be left at the venue overnight or to be picked up the same night. 

    Cancellation of after 48 hours of paid deposit will result in a forfeit of the entire deposit. 

    The renter is responsible for loss or damage of items and will pay for the cost of replacement or repair. This cost will be assessed within 5 days of return and presented in a separate invoice payable within 15 days. The replacement value of each letter is $250. 

    There is no warranty that rented items are free of defects. 

    The renter agrees that Loaded Lumber LLC holds no liability for any damage or injury caused by the use of rental items to renter or any third party. The renter assumes all risk of personal property damage or personal injury and if any accident involving Loaded Lumber LLC’s rental items has occurred while it is in renter’s possession, renter shall make Loaded Lumber LLC aware by written statement of details of occurrence of event including police report and names and addresses of witnesses

    $250 replacement fee will be charged per letter if items are returned broken as determined by Loaded Lumber LLC. Broken is defined as chipped, split, and/or broken wood or damaged electrical cord.

    Returned checks will incur additional charges including but not exceeding all bank fees plus $15 processing fee. 

    Refund requests must be made in writing, and will be determined at the discretion of laoded lumber llc promptly. If equipment is ordered and delivered but not used, no refund will be approved.