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Let's Get Together for #DIYANDDRINK

Our DIY Studio is fully mobile and we love to partner with local venues. Let's chat!

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Did someone say DIY & DRINKS?? 

Loaded Lumber Buffalo would love to partner with you, bring new faces to new places, help bring in sales all while having fun at the same time! Loaded Lumber Buffalo is a locally owned, and operated, DIY creative mobile studio specializing in custom, authentic, and creative wood pallets & projects. These custom wooden project parties are currently trending across the United States. Your establishment can be a part of the newest “thing” in DIY, and best of all, it’s completely free to your company. 

Wondering what makes Loaded Lumber Buffalo stand out?

• We bring the crowd to you! That’s right, we bring all of the people, supplies, and even provide some amazing wit and charm from our staff, all while creating some really cool stuff. 

• Free Advertising! By partnering with us we will advertise the event on our website and through our social media and get people to your place (especially those who like to drink and spends lots of money!).

• We provide marking materials at no additional charge that are custom to your organization and allow you to bring, email and distribute any way you would like! 

• One Stop Shop with our Custom Online Booking: No money to collect, no papers to track. Everyone signs up online using our secure booking site and custom link for your event.

• Cost: FREE! It will cost our establishment zero (0) dollars for this event. All we need are a few tables and chairs, and we will do the rest (including cleanup!). Plus, all participants will leave with a beautiful one of a kind work of art that they will actually LOVE to hang in their home and will talk about with all of their friends and family about how cool it was to create their sign in YOUR place.

Everyone loves to DIY! What do you say - let's get a date or two on the calendar and partner together in an effort to support Buffalo businesses, creativity and everyone’s tastebuds. 

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